Genesys Regional Health Center

Saginaw, Michigan 1 comment

Absolutely horrible, for the 2nd time.There are not enough aides to assist patients.

They are too worried about profits. The only people I trusted were the sitters. I'll never use them again.

Doctors give medications that you shouldn't be given to elderly patients, to keep them quiet. No communication between between nurses, when your room is changed to another department.

Important information given to them is not passed on. We ended up helping people we didn't know because of the lack of care by the employees.

We had to stay there all the time, because we did not trust their ability to help.We finally transferred our family member to a private facility and his is doing amazingly better after just 24 hours of being there.



I don't know which Genesis you're talking about, but I had the same problems.Meds given to my grandfather had a black box warning stating not for behavioral problems in elderly patients.

Staff was over worked.

It seemed more like a cattle ranch than a rehab!I hope I never end up in a place like that.

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